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  1. Plastic Washing Line 
  2. Waste Plastic Recycling Plant 
  3. Planning of Entire Plant's Equipment 
  4. Compound Pelletizing Line
  5. Plastic Crushing 
  6. RDF-5 RDF Plastic Pelletizing
  7. Sheet Extrusion of PE,PP and PVC
  8. PU, PS, ABS and Special Extrusion
  9. Master-batch Compound Manufacturing Line
  10. Power Conveying System

With the powerful single screw, it is capable to squeeze wet material below 3%moisture and able to input to extruder directly to pelletize to increase the production.

 Maximum capacity: 800 kg ~1000 kg per hour.

  • Strong machine frame.
  • Customized manufacture can provide 65 mm-350 mm screw.
  • Special design of screw, high capacity and low power consumption.
  • Screw import from Japan and process in Taiwan.
  • The control system is the same specification as Japan made. Easy operate and provide more precisely control.
  • All transmission devices has combine with safe cover and match with CE standard.

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