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Plast Eurasia 2017
27nd International Istanbul Plastic Industries fair
06 - 09 Dec. 2017
Plast Eurasia 2017
Exhibition Profile
Official website: http://plasteurasia.com/en/
Date: 06 - 09 Dec. 2017
Venue: TUYAP Fair Convention and Congress Centre
Exhibition Introduction:

Plast Eurasia İstanbul 2016, 26.International İstanbul Plastics Industry Fair was organized by Tüyap in cooperation with PAGEV between December 7 – 10, 2016 in Tuyap Fair and Convention Center.

Plast Eurasia İstanbul 2016 Fair brought together 957 company and company representatives from 41 countries and 48.725 professional visitors from 84 countries. Purchasing committees from 26 countries were hosted at Tüyap Palas Hotel. Visitors came mostly from Iran, Algeria, Bulgaria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Morocco and Germany. The visitors by industry: plastics industry, packaging industry, raw materials, machinery industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, mould industry, recycling etc. According to visitor survey results; 95% of the visitors recommend the fair to their colleagues and 74% of the visitors stated that they established new connections at the fair.

In addition to success graphic of Plast Eurasia İstanbul Fair, this year as a result of marketing activities implemented by Tüyap and supporter organizations, over 50.000 professionals are expected to visit the fair. Organised annually by Tüyap in cooperation with PAGEV (Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation), Plast Eurasia İstanbul will take place between December 6 - 9, 2017 in Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center.
Exhibition Situation
After the stabilization of the national currency, the market economy has gradually stabilized. Although the bombings have been frequent, the local market is still expected to be healthy. We can see from the enthusiasm this year that the global market is still confident of the Turkish market. In addition, Xiaobian also found that many agents choose two booths to be exhibited in different museums, mainly due to major agencies have long-term fixed booths, each in the main pavilion under the conditions of the pack, you want to expand the booth only Can be developed to other pavilions.

【Turkey Market】
Demand for domestic demand in Turkey is very large. According to the latest statistics on the import of soil from Turkey in 2017, taking the injection machine as an example, a total of more than 1,000 injection machines were imported this year.
Alan Yi, marketing manager at Shini, said ENGEL has aggressively expanded the Turkish market in the past four years. It is confident that in the future, ENGEL is expected to squeeze into the top five of the country's export injection machines. ENGEL originally focused on the high-end market, Wintec, the brand layout has gradually see the results, regardless of market share or price has very good performance. Originally, the country is still a promising undeveloped treasure. However, in recent years, competitors have joined the ranks. Local manufacturers also have risen, many people have broken out of pie, and the emergence of low-cost competitors has disrupted the original market, Manufacturers shouting too much.
But if the price goes beyond all else, ENGEL will not still be able to have a place in the Turkish market. In the past, everyone was optimistic about the country because of its lack of competitors and the opportunity to grab the market. However, the initial opportunities were limited to the early days. When the price competitors were prolonged, the value became more and more important. And Taiwan could spell out technology, quality.

In addition to consolidating their existing markets, some manufacturers may also seize the markets of the neighboring countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe to take the initiative in the time when the market size is still promising.
Starting from trade, Taiwan has been able to gain a place in the global market for many years by relying on the experience of traveling around the world and its sensitivity to the market, together with the stability of its quality and technology and the extremely high CP value. However, from the two exhibitions in late 2017, exhibitors from Mexico and the Turks found that Chinese manufacturers are going out of the country and starting from the low-end market, and they are also actively targeting the high-end market. Entrapped with high capital of Chinese companies in the sales strategy, not only the price advantage, lending period also lengthened, attracting many low-end market buyers. Under the circumstance that many Chinese manufacturers are attacking each other, Taiwan should ponder over the orientation and direction of the future.